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Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA)

Today, energy demands and regulatory standards keep on growing. And growing alongside them is the need for a fast, reliable and secure way of monitoring and tracking the energy grid. A SCADA system can help achieve that. SCADA is the gathering of information — in real time — from remote locations in order to control equipment and conditions. It covers a range of different size applications; from simple standalone devices to much more complex networked systems. 

A Range Of Capabilities For A Range Of Scenarios

In this day and age of technology, SCADA systems can provide outage management, load shedding, load restoration, asset optimization, cyber security, device control, event logs — and much more. A smarter grid provides better power quality and improved efficient energy consumption. It also poses a challenge, due to the wide array of devices available, different channels of communications and the integration of multiple systems.

An Unparalleled Level Of Knowledge For The Right Systems

Our employees have substantial knowledge of these systems and can recommend the right size and manufacturer for your grid. We have worked with several dozen manufacturers and offer many different layers of servicing, from simple repairs, to full installations, to yearly all-inclusive maintenance programs. Please take a moment to consider our overview of services:

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