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Revenue Site Testing For A Competitive Market

With today’s competitive electricity market, it’s essential to ensure the metering of consumption is 100% accurate. Whether it’s a residence or one of your highest-consumption customers, annual site testing will help guarantee true metering and mitigate system-wide line loss.

A Partner That Stands Against Revenue Loss

KSTS can offer recommendations and will help set up your system on a five-year maintenance/testing plan while testing the top 10% in consumption annually to ensure accurate billing. Studies show theft is a large contributor to revenue loss. But there can be other reasons for revenue loss:

  • Installation errors – wrong multipliers, incorrect wiring
  • Lightning – Shorted CT’s, Open CT’s, magnetized
  • PT/VT ratio and/or blown PT/VT
  • Manufactures defect – wrong labeling, incorrect polarity
  • Corrosion
  • Loose Connections

KSTS has an extensive list of procedures that our team of highly trained technicians uses to help in maintaining your system’s metering accuracy.

Commercial and Industrial Site Procedures​

Meter/CT Site Testing