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Load Management

How Load Management Could Save You Thousands

Load Management is a way for electric utilities to manage system loads during peak usage hours. Load management devices are small and rugged, ideal for indoor and outdoor applications. Once the utility determines that they want to “shed” load, they simply activate the devices, one area after another, in timed intervals. This turns off installed units for a few minutes per hour. Utilities can save thousands by having these devices installed and ready during peak load times.

The Experienced Load Management Professionals

KSTS can perform new installations, and also work on existing load management systems. We can perform yearly inspections of all devices to ensure they’re working their best. KSTS uses handheld devices to capture as found/as left switch numbers, photos of installations, and wiring and GPS locations. All recorded data is then sent to the utility upon completion.​

We Take Pride In Communication And Quality Control

KSTS technicians attempt to notify all homeowners in person before performing maintenance or installations. Devices are inspected and tested for proper operation, and repairs are made whenever necessary — including replacement switches for the defective units.